Our Story

Hey there! Welcome to Gahyao Clothing, we're happy you made it here. We'd like to take a moment to tell you our story.

We started Gahyao because we wanted to provide quality made Asian branded Skate tshirts - to pay homage to 90's street culture. The idea of starting a tshirt company spawned when I first started skateboarding in Hong Kong many years ago. I was so drawn into the graphics of skate decks, shirts, the caps and stickers, which inspired me to create my own artwork. I studied graphic design and multimedia arts in the Philippines, and started experimenting with different methods of tshirt printing.

There definitely was a lack of quality Filipino skate brands in the late 90's and early 2000's, that's when I realized there was space for a brand to come up that was run by skaters.

Through the years, I was able to rack up experience in Design and Content Creation, but it wasn't until 2018 that the timing felt right to launch the company. With the support of my wife and a lot of time sourcing quality materials and print methods, we finally landed on something we were proud to share with the world.
We aim to be the go to clothing brand for skaters in Asia.

A.P. | Anton Pelayo

Asian Skate Clothing Brand

The words we live by

In Cantonese culture, add oil is used to encourage someone to continue doing what they are doing.
Keep at it no matter what.
Wake up tomorrow and try again.
Do everything with heart – with passion.
Always remember to do our best despite the circumstances.
Never give up, never surrender.
Above all else, stay positive and stay inspired.

We are the strong.
We are the unique.
We are the dreamers.

Keep Pushing Forward.

Asian Skate Clothing Brand

Our Products

 What started out as an innocent dream to launch a skate clothing brand has now turned in to a reality. Inspired by Asian Skateboarding Culture, we present to you designs that speak the truth on who we are - passionate, bold, creative
and outspoken

 Our Mission

We want to promote the Gahyao mindset around the world, to live life positively and to the fullest. Our goal is to provide a platform where we can promote a positive mind-set and to encourage our followers to keep pushing forward.

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We’re more than just a tshirt company, our focus is on building relationships - a home. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @GahyaoClothing.
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Asian Skate Clothing Brand