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Our Journal — graffiti

Artist Feature | Bao Ho

Artist Feature |  Bao Ho

There is no doubt that Bao Ho (a.k.a Simple Bao) is making waves in the Hong Kong Art scene. From working with big brands to running an exhibit during a pandemic, we take a breather amidst the covid-chaos and talk about creative process, taking inspiration from the simple things and acknowledging that it's ok to not be ok.

Artist Feature | Xeme

Artist Feature | Xeme

Walking around the streets of HK, one might notice a surge in graffiti and street art, definitely more noticeable now than a decade ago. In a city with a modest graff community, a few names stand out from the rest, one of which we are honored to have as our next Artist Feature. 

If you look hard enough and keep an eye out, you'll start to appreciate the art form that so few decide to take on. You start to wonder how these artists manage to hit certain spots, how they managed to throw up such...

In Frame | 2019 in film

In Frame | 2019 in film

It was definitely a monumental year for me, I finally pursued my childhood dream of starting a clothing brand. Although Gahyao was founded in 2018, it was in '19 where everything gained momentum.

I can tell you that running a business is no easy feat, pursuing your passion comes with highs and lows. At multiple times I felt like throwing in the towel and calling it a day - but when my inbox lights up with messages from people across the globe telling me how much they love what we're doing - it only reignites the flame and keeps...

In Frame | Spray Sessions

In Frame | Spray Sessions

One of the pillars that Gahyao was founded on was to push ourselves, both creatively and physically - to always try something new.

Growing up in the 90s, skateboarding and punk rock were definitely a subculture in HK (more so in Manila), so I was naturally drawn to graffiti and tattoo culture too.

Graffiti was something I always admired from a distance, I never thought I’d have the hands or the skill set to get something up from scratch.

Last October I decided to take that insecurity and break it, to go out there and try it myself.


In Frame | California Sessions

In Frame | California Sessions

Last March we were fortunate enough to have done a trip to California. It is without a doubt that California played an important role in shaping the skateboarding and surfing scene. Everything about the lifestyle rings true to the very core of Gahyao - skate, grafitti, music and art.

Photos shot with a Disposable Lomography Camera and 35mm film.

Enjoy the #photodump.

 Gahyao California Lifestyle | Film Photography | 35mmGahyao California Lifestyle | Film Photography | 35mmGahyao California Lifestyle | Film Photography | 35mmGahyao California Lifestyle | Film Photography | 35mmGahyao California Lifestyle...</p>

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