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In Frame | Spray Sessions

One of the pillars that Gahyao was founded on was to push ourselves, both creatively and physically - to always try something new. Growing up in the 90s, skateboarding and punk rock were definitely a subculture in HK (more so in Manila), so I was naturally drawn to graffiti and tattoo culture too. Graffiti was something I always admired from a distance, I never thought I’d have the hands or the skill set to get something up from scratch.Last October I decided to take that insecurity and break it, to go out there and try it myself. The end result was not what I had in my head, but the hardest part is done, now I can only push forward....

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In Frame | Lai Chi Kok Skatepark Opening

We swung by the newly renovated Lai Chi Kok Skatepark to take some snaps and to test out the park. It goes without saying, this spot is top notch. Good for all levels of skateboarding and just the right amount of space. It's the first @SLS certified skate park in Hong Kong, designed & built by @caskateparks.   It's definitely a great milestone for HK Skateboarding. Photos shot with a Fujifilm XT-10. Enjoy the #photodump.

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In Frame | California Sessions

Last March we were fortunate enough to have done a trip to California. It is without a doubt that California played an important role in shaping the skateboarding and surfing scene. Everything about the lifestyle rings true to the very core of Gahyao - skate, grafitti, music and art. Photos shot with a Disposable Lomography Camera and 35mm film. Enjoy the #photodump.    

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