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Artist Feature | Xeme

Walking around the streets of HK, one might notice a surge in graffiti and street art, definitely more noticeable now than a decade ago. In a city with a modest graff community, a few names stand out from the rest, one of which we are honored to have as our next Artist Feature.  If you look hard enough and keep an eye out, you'll start to appreciate the art form that so few decide to take on. You start to wonder how these artists manage to hit certain spots, how they managed to throw up such an elaborate piece and get away with it. It goes without saying, that Graffiti Art is no easy task to take on, and not the...

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Artist Feature | Bryant Vallejo

There's a calm-cool vibe about our next artist - but not in your typical surfer dude persona. Only a few people embody the true hustle of working for yourself and getting shit done. From making music to running a surf lifestyle brand - to being on the road and raising a family - from afar Bryant Vallejo looks like he's got it all locked in, but taking a closer look you realize he's just like the rest of us, charging through everyday life. I met Bryant around 2009 when I first moved back to Hong Kong and decided to take up surfing seriously - it was then I took a 5-year break from skating to try and hone my skills in...

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