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In Frame | HK Go Skateboarding Day 19

Go Skateboarding Day is an annual holiday that's geared to promote skateboarding. It's a day where like-minded individuals band together and just let loose (even if only for a day). June 21 - Hong Kong took skateboarding back to the streets. We hit up Hung Hum to take some snaps of the event. It was a nice day out, with a buzz in the air and nothing but wheels on pavement.   A shout out to all the people who made this happen @ahksa_ @psyroot_hk @ninepush @xgamehk @protoys420 @fanlingskateshop @vanshkg  @globestore_hongkong @girlscanskategcs @self.hk @kurvworldwide @8five2shop @hkitskateboardshop 

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Artist Feature | Jacob Tang

In our second installment of our Artist Feature, we meet up with a HK - Filipino Tattooer and artist. Jacob Tang owns and runs Lucky 6 Tattoo in Kwai Chung, with roots in Graffiti and Skateboarding. We feel like it's the perfect blend of the culture that we built this company on.   'Always try to motivate others to keep it up, to just keep going.' Gahyao : Hi Jacob, why don't you introduce yourself? Jacob : I'm Jacob Tang, a Hong Kong Artist and shop owner of Lucky 6 Tattoo. I grew up in Hong Kong, and spent most of my early life here. It wasn't until I reached university that I spent a lot of time in Manila. I went to University...

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